AQ&A Topic 15  Date:  19 February 2018 : Imagination exercise: What Startup would you like to start up?

Focus questions -

(feel free to add more focus questions) . Focus questions are not intended to push one viewpoint! You can adopt any position you wish. We actually like friendly disagreement - it can lead to deeper understanding. Note: clearly not all of these questions can be properly covered in a meetup, but they give us a conscious choice about what to talk about while making the background context clearer. It is up to the people who come on the day to choose what aspects they would like to deal with.


Recommended reading: "What Percentage of Small Businesses Fail? (And Other Similar Stats You Need to Know)" [US figures] - 

1. Make a list of your objectives in starting a Startup.

2. What Startup would you like to start up? Why?

3. What is stopping you from starting this Startup?

4. How might you overcome the roadblocks to starting your Startup?

5. What kinds of people do you think are NOT suitable for starting a new business or other venture? Why?

6. The general failure rate of new businesses is fairly constant over the first 5 years (about 50%), though it varies with the industry. Why do you think you might succeed, or fail?

7. Running a business usually requires depending upon other people (employees, customers). How do you think this kind of dependence might shape your views about human behaviour, compared to (say) someone who just works in a big organization and collects a salary?

8. How do you think starting an enterprise that is a completly new concept might be different from starting a well known kind of business (e.g. a restaurant).

9. "Big risks mean big rewards" - how true is this? How many billionaires took bigger risks than the average small business startup?

10. What kinds of social, cultural and political environments are likely to best equip people to attempt startups? Why?




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